Universal Lathes

  The CD line model A universal lathes are designed for various turning application,such as turning internal and external cylindrical and taper surfaces, and end face.The lathe with gap-bed can be used for turning the workpiece having big diameter or irregular shape. The lathe is equipped with metric or imperial leadscrew according to the requirement of the customers,and can be used for cutting metric, imperial, module, diametrical pitch, and circular pitch threads, hole drilling, reaming and lubricant slot broaching operations and so on.

  CDS series lathes are newly developed models on the basis of A series machines and there are A B C three options, which refers to spindle bore dia. of 52mm, 82mm and 105mm. Higher spindle speeds and bigger spindle bore are available and machine appearance are more attractive, CDS series lathes can be used for cylindrical turning, endface turning, tapered face turning, and thread turning of metric, inch, module and diametrical thread, as well as drilling, reaming and oil groove broaching. The machine features in centralized control handle system and offer to engage different feeds and turn various threads without gearchanging. Longitudinal and cross feeding mechanism, as well as rapid traverse system are located in apron, it is accessidle for easy operating and offers high efficiency. Tailstock can be locked instantly with eccentric clamping device; load-relieving unit is built inside saddle so it can be moved easily and reduce wearing of guideway so to avoid "creeping"; outside centralized lubricating system are adopted for headstock and gearbox so to prevent fabrications from distortion thus maintain high machining accuracy. Various accessories are available optional for customer's selection.



The Universal Lathe of Series CD Model A The Universal Lathe of Series CD Model B
The Universal Lathe of Series CDL The Universal Lathe of Series CDS
The Universal Lathe of Series CW