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NAME:The universal lathe of series CW

MODEL:CW6163C,CW6263C,CW6180C,CW6280C CW61100C,CW62100C

Main Specification
Model CW6163C CW6263C CW6180C CW6280C CW61100C CW62100C
Swing over bed 430mm 800mm 1000mm
Swing over carraige 350mm 520mm 720mm
Swing over gap   800mm   1000mm   1200mm
width of gap   320mm   320mm   320mm
width of guideway 550mm
Spindle bore diameter 100/105/130mm
spindle speed (18 speeds)7.5--1000rpm
longitudinal feed (64)0.1--24.3mm/r
Cross feed (64)0.05--12.15mm/r
Rapid traverse speed 3.8m/min
Metric thread (39)1--249mm
Imperial thread (20)14--1tpi
Module thread (45)0.5--120mm
Diametrical pitch thread (24)28--1
Max.traverse of cross slide 445mm 493mm 493mm
Max.traverse of top slide 200mm
Main motor power 11kW
Rapid traverse motor power 1.1kW
Coolant pump motor power 0.09kW
Wooden box/pallet packing
Net/gross weight
750mm 2630x1480x1890/2580x1120x1800mm
2150/2950kg 2200/3000kg 2250/3050kg
1000mm 2880x1480x1890/2830x1120x1800mm
2200/3000kg 2250/3050kg 2300/3100kg
1500mm 3380x1480x1890/3330x1120x1800mm
2250/3050kg 2300/3100kg 2350/3150kg
2000mm 3380x1480x1890/3830x1120x1800mm
2360/3160kg 2410/3210kg 2460/3260kg
3000mm 4480x1480x1890/4830x1120x1800mm
2560/3360kg 2610/3410kg 2660/3460kg
4000mm 6520x1610x2100x/7310x1100x1920mm
7150/5450kg 7800/6100kg 8200/6250kg
5000mm 7600x1610x2100/7500x1100x1920mm
7950/6250kg 8500/6450kg 8900/6750kg