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NAME:The universal lathe of series CD       model A

Performance Introduction

  The universal lathe of series CD model A is designed for various turiing jobs,such as turning internal and external cylindrical and taper surfaces as well as facing.The lathe with gap-bed can be used for turning the workpiece with big diameter or irregular shape. The lathe is equipped with metric or inch leadscrew according to the requirement of endusers,and can be used for cutting metric,Whitworth module,diametral pitch,circular pitch threads and drilling,reaming and lubricant slot broaching operations and so on.

Main Features

◇ Pleasurable appearance,centralized control,and triple shaft gear-shifting mechanism in feed box.Various threads can be cut without reset the change gears.
◇ There are handles with figurative mark for cross and longitudianl feed as well as rapid moving mechanism in apron.
◇ Eccentric quick-clamping construction in tailstock.
◇ Load-relieving mechanism in saddle results in easy for moving,reducing of wear,eliminating of creep.
◇ Centrialized lubrication with outside circulation for headstock and feedbox reduces greatly the influence on machining accuracy from thermal deformation.
◇ In addition,Model H of Series CD can be provided.Its feature is basicly as same as Model A,but the spindle bearings are sliding bearings.The model is named by changing "A" to "H",for example,CD6140H.

Main Specification
Model CD6140A CD6240A CD6150A CD6250A CD6166A CD6266A
Max.swing over bed 400mm(16") 500mm(20") 660mm(26")
Max.swing over carriage 220mm(8 5/8") 290mm(11 3/8") 430mm(17")
Max.swing in gap   700mm(27 1/2")   760mm(30")   910mm(36")
Max.length of workpiece 750/1000/1500/2000/3000mm (30"/40"/60"/80"/118")
Distance from spindle nose to gap end   250mm(9 13/16")   250mm(9 16/13")   250mm(9 13/16")
Width of bed 394mm(15 1/2")
Range of spindle speeds 11—1400r/min(22steps)
Dia.of spindle bore 52mm(2 1/16")
Taper of spindle bore Mores No.6
Longitudinal feeds per revolution of spindle (63kinds) 0.035—2.842mm/r ( 63kinds 0.0013—0.1057 in/r with inch leadscrew)
Transverse feeds per revolution of spindle (63kinds) 0.009—0.804mm/r ( 63kinds 0.0003—0.0304 in/r with inch leadscrew)
Range of metric threads (66kinds) 0.5—240mm( 43kinds 0.5—160mm with imperial leadscrew)
Range of module threads (57kinds) 0.25—120mm(38kinds 0.25—80mm with imperial leadscrew)
Ranf of imperial threads (49kinds) 80—1/4TPI( 47kinds 80—1/4TPI with imperial leadscrew)
Range of DP threads (50kinds) 160—7/16DP(48kinds 160—7/16DP with imperial leadscrew)
Range of CP threads (31kinds) 5—1/16CP
Height from tool bottom to spindle center 27mm(1 1/16") of top slide 150mm(6")
Rapid travel speed of saddle 4m/min
Rapid travel speed of cross slide 1.15m/min
Dia.of sleeve in tailstock 75mm(2 15/16")
Travel of sleeve in tailstock 150mm(6")
Taper of hole in sleeve of tailstock Morse No.5
Power of main motor 50Hz 7.5kW 10HP(60Hz 5.5kW 7 1/3HP)
Power of rapid travel motor 250W(1/3HP)
Power of cooling motor 90W(1/8HP)

Overall dimensions(mm)

Packing dimensions for foreign market(mm)/Packing dimensions for domestic market(mm)

750 240011981362 240011981401 240011981490
263014801820 /260011101910 263014801885
1000 265011981362 265011981401 265011981490
288014801820 /285011101910 288014801885
1500 315011981362 315011981401 315011981490
338014801820 /335011101910 338014801885
2000 365011981362 365011981401 365011981490
388014801820 /385013101910 388014801885
3000 465011981362 465011981401 465011981490
488014801820 /485013101910 488014801885
Net of Machine(kg)
/ Gross of Machine(kg)
750 For domestic market 2050/2990 2070/3010 2100/3040 2120/3060  
For foreign market 2050/2750 2070/2770 2100/2800 2120/2820 2228/2928
1000 For domestic market 2100/3090 2120/3110 2140/3140 2170/3160  
For foreign market 2100/2795 2120/2815 2140/2845 2170/2865 2278/2973
1500 For domestic market 2150/3270 2170/3290 2200/3320 2220/3340  
For foreign market 2150/2885 2170/2905 2200/2935 2220/2955 2328/3063
2000 For domestic market 2260/3540 2280/3560 2310/3590 2330/3610  
For foreign market 2260/2975 2280/2995 2310/3025 2330/3045 2438/3153
3000 For domestic market 2460/4000 2480/4020 2510/4040 2530/4100  
For foreign market 2460/3175 2480/3195 2510/3225 2530/3245 2798/3493