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 The universal lathe of series CDS



CDS6240A CDS6250A CDS6266A CDS6240B CDS6250B Cds 6266B CDS6240C CDS6250C CDS6266C
Performance Introduction

  CDS series lathes are newly developed models on the basis of A series machines and there are A B C three options,which refers to spindle bore dia.of 52mm,82mm and 105mm.Higher spindle speeds and bigger spindle bore are available and machine appearance are more attractive,CDS series lathes can be used for cylindrical turning,endface turning,tapered face turning,and thread turning of metric,inch,module and diametrical thread,as well as drilling,reaming and Oil groove broaching.Themachine features in centralized control handle system and offer to engage different feeds and turn various threads without gearchanging.Longitudinal and cross feeding mechanism,as well as rapid traverse system are located in apron,it is accessidle for easy operating and offers high efficie hcy.Tailstock can be locked instantly with eccentric clamping device;load-relieving unit is built inside saddle so it can be moved easily and reduce wearing of guideway so to avoid "creeping";outside centralized lubricating system are adopted for headstock and gearbox so to prevent fabrications from distortion thus maintain high machining accuracy.Various accessories are available optional for customer's selection.

Main Specification
Model CDS6240A CDS6240B CDS6240C
CDS6250A CDS6250B CDS6250B
CDS6266A CDS6266B CDS6266B
Max.swing over bed 400/500/660mm
Max.swing over carriage 220/290/430mm
Max.swing over gap -/700 -/760 -/910
Width of gap -/250
Width of guideway 394
Spindle speeds 16 steps 28-2240rpm 26-2000rpm 26-1700rpm
Dia.of spindle bore 52mm 82mm 105mm
Taper bore in center sleeve of spindle bore MORSE NO.6
Longitudinal feed 0.054-1.809mm/rev
Cross feed 0.015-0.512mm/rev
Metric thread 0.5-180(57)mm
Whitworth thread 80-7/16tpi
Module thread 0.25-90mm
Diametrical pitch thread 160-7/8DP
Circular pitch thread 7/8-160(37)
Max.section of tool shank 27x27mm of top slide 150mm of cross slide 348mm
Pitch of longitudinal leadscrew 12mm
Travel of taistock quill 150mm
Diameterof tailstock quill 75mm
Taper bore of tailstock quill Morse No.5
Main motor power 10HP(7.5kW)

Wooden box/pallet packing(mm)

Net/gross weight(kgs)


750mm 2650x1120x1890/2630x1120x1800
1000mm 2900x1120x1890/2830x1120x1800
1500mm 3400x1120x1890/3330x1120x1800
2000mm 3900x1120x1890/3830x1120x1800
3000mm 4900x1120x1890/4830x1120x1800