CKA6150 CNC Lathe

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NAME: CKA6150 CNC Lathe
Performance Introduction

  The CNC lathe CKA6150 has a level configuration. The motions of cross (X) and longitudinal(z) axis are controlled by CNC system. The machine is suitable for such machining process as automatically turning internal and external cylindrical surface, curve, end face, slot, chamfer, metric and inch thred, thread on end face, conic thread, etc for sorts of shaft parts and disc parts. The machine can adopt FANUC-0TD,Yaskawa R2J50L CNC system as well as other CNC system required by customers, comprising corresponding servo motor respectively as drive unit, and taking pulse encoder as measuring unit to consist of semi-closed loop of CNC system. The spindle drive has three types for the buyer to choose. The first type is the common type which adopts manual shift gears and two-speed main motor to realize automatic speed change inside each of three manual gearshifts. The second type is frequency conversion type which abopts frequency conversion motor to realize infinitely variable speed change inside each of three manual gearshifts. The third type is servo type which adopts servo motor for infinitely variable speed change. The machine comprises vertical 4-position electrical tool post, manual chuck and manual tailstock. The surfaces of saddle and slide plate coupling to the guideways are plastic coated. The centralized lubricating unit is employed for forced lubrication at ballscrews and coupling surface on guideways which makes such static and dynamic performance as rigidity and frictional damping coefficient of the feed units get the best status, makes the moveable parts get accurate minute movement, and facilitates improving machining accuracy and service life of the guideways. The braking of the spindle is realized by the braking device installed at the end of the motor shaft. After finishing auto-cycle, the magnet of the braking device at the end the motor shaft is energized and creates magnetic force to attract and engage the braking disc to realize braking .After the braking is finished, the braking device is released and the spindle can rotate again. Full cover is adopted by this machine to protect operator against the splash of the chips and the coolant.

Main Specification Max. swing over bed 500mm
Max.swing over carriage 280mm
Center distance 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm
Max. Turning dia. 500mm
Travel of axes  
X 295
Z 795mm 1045mm 1545mm 2045mm
CNC system Yaskawa R2J50L,FANUC 0-TD or other CNC system required by customers
Spindle speed  
-manual type 45-2000
-frequency conversion type 25-2200
-servo type -2500
Spindle nose D8
Spindle through hole ø82mm
Nos.of the tool position 4
Section of tool shank 25x25mm
Travel of taistock 150mm
Diameter in tailstock quill 75mm
Taper of tailstock quill M5
Main motor:rate(kW),speed(rpm)  
-Common type 6.5/8,1440/2800
-frequency conversion type 7.5,570-2940
-servo type For special order
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 2480x1475x1730 2730x1475x1730 3230x1475x1730 3730x1475x1730
Packing dimensions(LxWxH) 2750x1755x2200 3000x1755x2200 3500x1755x2200 4000x1755x2200
Net weight 2850kg 2900kg 3000kg 3100kg