Drawing from our experience in the field of used (second-hand) machinery, we learnt our clients´ specific requirements and expectations. The already high and still growing purchasing prices of new metal-working machines challenged us to create a team of professionals providing our potential customers with the best quality for the least possible price.

  In order to turn our philosophy, of offering a good quality while maintaining favourable prices, to reality, we focused our attention to the country of immense future potential – China. We managed to become an exclusive agent in the Czech republic, Slovakia, Iran and Romania for selling and distributing of Dalian Machine Tool Group machinery which has a reputation for its innovation, quality and integrity.

  The guarantee of quality is ensured by Dalian´s long tradition in manufacturing flexible machining systems with integrated technology and equipment, which turned the company into one of China´s leading industrial enterprises. To further increase its core competency and progress as one of the country´s leaders in metal-working technologies, and secure the quality, the Science and Research Centre was established.


  We are convinced that by putting together qualified personnel, reliable and efficient equipment and support of experienced partners, the Amaron Company will be able to provide you with complex services enabling you an efficient manufacturing and helping in this way to maximize the return of your investments.